Remodeled our prescription and medication entities in our Django app to eliminate incorrect or inaccurate medication data.

Integrated a third party delivery service with our ordering system to automate logistics and delivery of medicine, reducing touch time for dispatchers and operations by 30%.

Wrote a prescription parser that takes care of creating user accounts, handling medical insurance availability, notifying the pharmacy with useful information, and notifying the customer that we received their prescription.

Contributed to development of internal pharmacy tools used to improve ordering and customer service efficiency.

Developed a Node microservice to gather and transform pharmacy data. The service was used in production as part of their public launch.

Open source

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Easier terminal styling for Elixir.


JavaScript test runner. Tests run concurrently and files run in parallel as separate processes.


Streaming Elixir Hacker News API client.

Saga Login Flow

A login and register flow built with React and Redux Saga.