Developed a Node microservice to gather and transform pharmacy data. The service is used in production as part of their public launch.

Migrated an internal pharmaceutical app to use a new version of their backend.

Contributed to a rewrite of their main consumer facing web app and pharmacy tools using React.

Wrote a major feature in Python (using Django and Celery) that sends SMS messages to customers as soon as the pharmacy receives an electronic prescription. The feature also takes care of parsing the prescription, creating an account, handling medical insurance availability, and notifying the pharmacy with useful information.

Open source

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JavaScript test runner. Tests run concurrently and files run in parallel as separate processes. I fix bugs, introduce new features, and review code.


Easier terminal styling for Elixir.


Streaming Elixir Hacker News API client.

Saga Login Flow

A login and register flow built with React and Redux Saga.